Tuesday, April 23, 2019  
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    DTN Headline News
  DTN Weekly DDG Average Price Down Five Cents
  Trump Threatens Visa Overstay Crackdown04/23 05:59
  2020 Presidential Contenders Clash 04/23 06:02
  Census Question Goes to Supreme Court 04/23 06:05
  Easter Bombings a Response to NZ Attack04/23 06:08
  China Lashes Out at US Over Iran Oil 04/23 06:39
  NKorea's Kim Needs a Win in Putin Talks04/23 06:41
  PGE Seeks Rate Hike for Wildfire Safety04/23 06:45
  S&P 500 on Track for All-Time High 04/23 11:30
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@C9K 351'0 -3'4
@S9K 862'0 -15'0
@W9K 437'6 3'0
@O9K 294'4 1'4
MSFT 125.290000 1.530000
WMT 102.800000 0.430000
XOM 83.240000 0.340000

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