Saturday, November 28, 2020  
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  Is It Time to Build a Fence?
  Trump to Leave if EC Seats Biden 11/27 06:26
  GOP Clashes on Expiring Bailout Law 11/27 06:36
  Trump Pardons Flynn Despite Guilty Plea11/27 06:21
  SCOTUS Blocks NY Worship Virus Limits 11/27 06:31
  GA GOP Juggle Biden Win, Trump Loyalty 11/27 06:35
  US to Appeal Order Barring Expulsions 11/27 06:25
  Ethiopia PM:Troops Ordered into Capital11/27 06:30
  US Stocks Hit Record Highs 11/27 13:08
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@C0Z 426'2 5'4
@S1F 1193'2 7'6
@W0Z 595'6 8'2
@O0Z 287'2 2'6
MSFT 215.230000 1.360000
WMT 151.600000
XOM 40.190000

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