Thursday, April 2, 2020  
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Raelynn's Comments  03/20/20 10:23:18 AM

For those of you who like to transact business with Kat's Grain by coming into our office, we apologize for the inconvenience by shutting our doors to the public.  However, know that we are willing to make arrangements to get things to you in the most expedient way within our current restrictions.  This includes check pick up at the office, and if interested, call our office for additional details. 

Also, I want to remind everyone that we are able to make payments by ACH.  I can get all forms to you by email, and if we receive them back timely, it can be set up within one business day.  I would strongly consider this if you may need a fast payment in the near future.  An ACH payment is submitted the same day we would normally cut a check, and it will be deposited in your account two business days later.      

Give us a call at 319-653-3520 if you have any questions or concerns.  All of us at Kat's wish you good health and safety. 


All bids on our bid sheet are delivered bids. No truck deducted. Bids are subject to change at anytime. Comments written on this website are the opinions of Katy Greiner, John Greiner, or Raelynn Dean. All ads on this web-site are paid ads and have no connection to Kat's Grain. You can reach us at 319-653-3520 or email,, or

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