Sunday, December 16, 2018  
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Raelynn's Comments  09/14/18 10:59:37 AM

September 14, 2018

Since we are getting ready for harvest, I wanted to run through a couple things to keep in mind during this busy time.  We want everything to be as smooth as possible for you so contact us with any questions.

  • We receive tickets the following business day for most processors and feeders.  Those that we get on a different schedule include Cargill (all locations), Penford, and Agriway.  These locations may take up to a couple extra business days before we have the ticket information available.  Unless it is going to the locations listed, we can update you with bushel and/or load counts the next day, but keep in mind there will be a large number of tickets to process so we may not have an immediate answer for you.

  • Because we get most tickets the following business day, we do our best to pay out completed contracts the afternoon following your last delivery.  If you have multiple contracts for the same delivery period, we use our best judgement to decide if we wait until all are complete or to pay when the first is complete.
    • Keep in mind if you have any special payment instructions or wish to defer, you need to let us know prior to delivering the last load on a contract.  If we have issued you a check and it is incorrect, you will need to bring the original check in before we will make any corrections or issue a defer.

  • We can hold your grain for 30 days from the date of your first delivery.  If you are debating whether to receive a check or defer, you have this amount of time to decide.  A defer needs to be signed prior to the 30 days so make sure you have enough time if documents will be sent by mail.  We need to have a signed copy in hand before the 30 days is up.
    • If you are still unsure within the 30 days, we can issue a defer and then pay you prior to the date on the defer if needed.  It will require some additional signatures, but you are not locked into the defer once it is signed. 

  • To help eliminate any errors, please check your tickets before you leave the delivery site. Make sure Kat’s Grain is on the ticket!  Some ticket errors made by the processor/feeder are only fixable if you’re still at the facility.  If there is an issue with the name on the ticket, you can call us with the correct information and we can make the adjustments in our office.  

  • If you plan on delivering a spot load, it is helpful if you let us know no later than the day that you deliver the spot load.

A sincere thank you for your business, and hope you all have a safe and bountiful harvest!!



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