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  About Us  12/17/21 12:13:19 PM

About Our Company


Kat’s Grain Inc. is a grain dealership located in Washington, Iowa. The company was founded in September 2002 by Katy Greiner. Katy, president, was raised on the farm and has been married to the farmer of her life, Dan, for 43 years. Katy gained experience in the grain industry by working for a grain dealer and marketing their personal grain.

John Greiner, Dan & Katy’s son, joined Kat’s Grain in October 2007.  John graduated from Coe College in 2006 with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration. John joined Archer Daniels Midland in May 2006 and worked for ADM Grain Company in
Evansville, IN, Winona, MN, and with ADM Oilseed Processing in Mankato, MN
.  John is an experienced Risk Manager.  In 2015, John became licensed to sell Crop Insurance.  He is currently selling Diversified Crop Insurance Services products.  2018 will be our 3rd re-insurance year.

Raelynn Dean joined Kat's Grain in August 2017.  She graduated from Coe College with degrees in Business Administration and Accounting in May 2009. 


Kat’s Grain is not your typical grain dealership. We have no grain storage. Our mission or goal is to provide you with the best grain prices in the area. We receive grain bids daily from various grain terminals and livestock producers. Our goal is to be your one stop shop. You can call us and if we do not know a grain bid from a certain delivery point, we will find it for you. We try to do some of your homework for you so you don’t have to make several different phone calls to find your best bid. Trucking can also be lined up for you. All of the different delivery points have different grain contracting tools available (defer payments, HTA’s, price later, basis, etc) and we will help guide you through those. Call us to find out premiums for non gmo corn or soybeans.


We take pride in being a local farmer friendly grain dealership. Farming is our way of life and we want to help you with your way of life.

Kat's Grain, Inc.
P.O. Box 48
219 N. Marion Ave
Washington, IA 52353
319-653-3520 FAX 319-653-7004

john@katsgrain.com or katy@katsgrain.com

 Cash grain bids are all delivered prices and are subject to change without notice.

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