Monday, May 20, 2024  
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Katy's Comments

  12/26/23 10:50:08 AM

Season Greetings 2023!!!!!

Above is Dan and myself with our special 6 smiles! Part of our reason for the season. Dan is holding Layni (5) and Laken (9) and Lennox (7) is below him. All 3 are John's children. I am holding Jack (4 1/2)  and Jasper (3). Abner (6 1/2)  is sitting below me. Jack & Jasper are our son Mitch's children and Abner is our daughter Amy's. Ranging in age 9 to 6, makes for a busy, exciting and fun filled Christmas!!

2023 has provided us with another questionable but amazing year in agriculture. We are in a drought in our area but where did some of these yields come from??? I know personally, I knew we should be selling all of our corn in June, but with no rain, how could you sell 100%?. Hind sight is always 20/20 in all of life's decisions. The bottom line is, some areas received much needed rain when it was crucial. Some areas didn't. Those that were blessed with rain at times have good yields. 

Now what... In my opinion, you have to take advantage of any "push" bids that come out. In January, when it could be 20 below wind chill factor, you might have to be loading corn to go after these bids. Bottom line is, we have over a 2 billion bushel carryout in corn. This means lower prices. Sell on any rally or push. Most likely, your bushels will be moving north because that is where the lower yields were. Last year it was southwest. I know input costs and labor costs are higher. You still need to go after these "push' bids. Everyone's input costs are different. For beans, feel blessed if you can get $13. 

Here at Kat's Grain, we have a great crew to help you with some of your decisions. John, Raelynn, Brittany and myself want to help if we can. Call or stop by. We watch the markets everyday. While we don't know all of your costs etc, we can help you find the best place to market your grain. You do not have to deliver to one spot all the time. We can help you find the best bid for your grain and help your bottom line. We do not know the future any more than you do but we want to help you go for profits when available.

In the meantime, we need to pray for rain. For our grain, rivers and all of our livelihoods. Yields are huge when it comes to profits! We also need to pray for better hog prices. In Washington County Iowa, this has a huge inpact on our community. 

I want to thank all of you for your business. Most of us have experienced trying times in agriculture in the past. Hopefully, our past has made us smarter :) 
We wish all of you a blessed Christmas & a spectacular 2024!!

Housekeeping note: all defer checks will be available to pick up Jan 2nd. We will mail them that day if you do not let us know differently. 

Thank You!

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