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Katy's Comments

  12/19/22 5:46:05 PM

Season Greetings!!!!!

This years picture turned out a little bit better than last year, due to Grandma bribing with suckers!!! See whats in my left hand? :) We are totally blessed with 6 Grandchildren and love our time spent with them! They range in age 8 to 2. Life is good!

This is the time of year we reflect on the year that is soon to pass. In September we accomplished 20 years of Kats Grain.... (time flies when your're having fun) I had a customer get into a conversation with me a couple of weeks ago about what we've all been through. When I started this business in 2002, I remember LDP's ( still have a folder on them :() I remember spotting beans at $3.98 picked up on the farm, I remember when they had to set up an auger to unload at Brenneman Pork and weigh in Kalona, I remember calling Dan to tell him I had to work late as I was the only one working here at that time. Yes, we have grown, and so have all of you. I could add so much to this about how things have changed from even before Kat's Grain. Think about $1.75 corn, PIC certificates, 12% interest, farmers and banks going broke in the 80's.

Bottom line for me is, I am so proud to be a farmer and to be working with farmers. I honestly believe, we live the best life God created. I can't imagine living or working anywhere else. Here at Kat's Grain, we are blessed to have a great team to help you with marketing your grain. Starts with my son John. John spends alot of time studying everything to give you the best advice possible for marketing grain. Raelynn is my right hand. She has taken over alot of the financial stuff I used to do. Brittany is our last blessing. This farm girl has the same values as you & I and works hard for all of us. They have all exceeded my expectations!

I am so honored to be working with all of you and we thank you for your business. Our goal is to try to get you the best price possible for your grain. If you want my advice, know your input costs. Everyone has different input costs. If new crop is at a profitable price, figuring a low yield, then sell. If you want different advice, call John. He's the one that will giude you. I have cut back my hours so I rely heavily on these other 3 and have total confidence and faith in them. I don't plan to totally retire until I can no longer walk or talk :)

One final housekeeping note... If you have $$ defered to January, those checks will be ready January 3rd. We will mail them out that day unless you let us know differently.

Have a Merry Christmas and many blessings in the new year!

Thank You!

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