Sunday, December 16, 2018  
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Katy's Comments

  08/14/18 12:11:42 PM

Isn't life GRAND!!! These are my GRANDbabies! We welcomed Miss Layni Mae on July 12th already a month old!.Lennox will be 2 this sunday and loves to help in the garden. Laken will be 4 on friday and getting ready to start school :( Abner is 17 months old and has to carry a pig or cow all the time. and we have more GRAND news!!! Mitch & Brenna are expecting our 5th grandbaby in March! My cup runneth over!

I would much rather talk about these special people shown here than the grain markets. I feel like I lecture when I talk about markets. I have always said to have all your grain sold by my birthday. This year the market was headed dramatically south on my birthday but it still would have been better than holding grain til now. The best prices for corn is at the processors. They have the magnifying glasses out watching for damage, musty, bugs and everything else. The discounts are soaring. I dont claim to know what the market is going to do but I do know that it does not pay to hold corn into the summer if it hasnt been dried to 14pct moisture or lower.

Now what. You have got to get rid of the old crop. Put it in the past and do a better job marketing the crop you are about to harvest in a month. If you do not have storage for all of your new crop, sell it, and re-own it with call options. That goes for corn & beans. I know the prices seem terrible but so is paying storage. Take the money you would spend on storage and re-own on paper. This is a minimum price contract.

I know we are dry in our area and it is real easy to get bullish prices. You cannot use the conditions out your back door to market your grain. We need to reward any rallies with sales. Call and leave us offers. Again, your 1st priority has to be getting the bins empty for harvest. 2nd sell any crop you cannot store, then leave us offers to sell corn to core the bins in december, then leave us offers to sell increments on rallies.

It will be fall before I update comments again so have a safe harvest and remember if you think you might have to defer $$ to next year, let us know before grain is delivered. Raelynn is pretty speedy about getting checks out!
Be safe!

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