Friday, February 22, 2019  
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Katy's Comments

  01/18/19 3:19:21 PM

Welcome to Winter!!!!

John is after me to update my comments :) :) So here they are!

You alll already know what I think. I think you should have your marketing plans in place and you should have offers on our desks. I filled quite a few today! I think you should have all of your old crop corn and beans and 20% of new crop sold by my birthday. I do not believe in holding corn into the summer. I have seen too many damage docks. Why wait to gain .20 cents on a dry weather scare when you give it all back and more in damage docks. If you sell all of your old crop and the market keeps rallying sell new crop. You are raising a re-newable resource. If you want to keep the upside open on sold bushels, buy a call option.

John & Raelynn do an excellent job at reading all the market influences and watching charts. They are both very intelligent people and I am very proud of them. Follow their suggestions. They have your well-being in mind when they give out marketing tips.

I feel like the dummy in this office. BUT, you know what occurred to me.....I am the genious! I was the one who hired both of these people! One happens to be my son and the other my niece.

Thanks for your business!!!

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