Wednesday, December 7, 2022  
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Katy's Comments

  12/17/21 12:19:06 PM

This is our attempt to get them all to hold still for a picture!! :) Word of warning... you do not interrupt a 2 year old from playing just for a picture! We are so blessed and love every minute spent with these bundles of joy! Jasper (sitting on Dan's lap) is the youngest and has to be doing everything his big brother does. He turned 1 in Sept. Layni our only princess is 3 1/2 and wondering why Jack is so mad. She loves her stuffed animals. Jack who is 2 1/2 does not like to be interupted. He came up to me later with the saddest sweetest face and said "sorry Grandma" :) Next is Abner who is 4 1/2 and in preschool. He wears his cowboy boots everywhere! Laken in the maroon shirt, is 7, and in 2nd grade. He loves football & basketball. Lennox ( with his arm up) is 5 and in preschool. Just ask him what any state capital is, he knows them all! As you can see, my cup runneth over!

A few housekeeping notes for Kat's Grain. The trade will be closed on xmas eve and so will Kat's Grain. We are making Dec 30th our last day to issue checks for 2021. We want to know by noon on that thursday if you definately need $$$ in 2021. I know some people will be delivering grain on the 30th and might want paid on the 31st. If this is the case, you HAVE to let us know by noon Dec 30! The trade is not taking a day off for the New Years holiday. Kat's Grain office will be closed on Dec 31 so we can focus on year end. We will all 4 be here to man the phones, but do not want any walk in on this day. We will have all "Defer or Pay in Jan." checks done and ready to pick up on Monday January 3rd. If you do not pick up your check on this day, your check will be mailed unless you have made other arrangements with us.

The only thing I can say about the markets is this...You know what you yielded in 2021. You know you can sell your corn for close to $6 for corn and around $12.50 for beans. You know these are both profitable prices. Take the profits and get rid of your old crop. If the market keeps rallying, you have new crop to sell.

We here at Kat's Grain want to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!
Thank You for your business and friendship!

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