Tuesday, April 23, 2019  
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Katy's Comments

  04/12/19 10:46:56 AM

Welcome to Spring & Welcome to Jack Robert!

Jack Robert (2nd from left) was born March 13th 8lbs 15oz to our son Mitch and wife Brenna. He is doing wonderful and such a precious gift!
Miss Layni (8 mnths) keeps the title of princess amongst these boys! Abner (our daughter Amy holding him) celebrated his 2nd birthday in March with Lennox (2 1/2) enjoying it too! Laken (4 1/2) enjoyed sledding this winter. We are so blessed. My cup runneth over!

Very quiet days in our office lately and its not because the planters are moving. Since the March 29th grain stocks report and then the supply and demand report on April 9th, the corn market has slipped lower. Everyone is waiting on a rally. Spring/ early summer is historically when we get a weather scare. The million $ question is whether it will happen this year. My thoughts remain the same. You need to be selling corn or soybeans on any rally we get. Do not try to hit the home run. We would rather have base hits and be able to stay in the game. Processors are starting to push basis because of the lack of sales for corn. In my opinion corn basis will remain firm through planting. Another reason corn basis will stay firm is eventually the river will open and trucks will start hauling beans instead of corn. At this time, it looks like river open will be the first week of May (hopefully). We will keep you posted.

Use any rally to get rid of the balance of your old crop corn and beans. Leave us offers so we can take advantage of rallies during the trade. If for some reason the board continues to rally, sell new crop. (you can always buy a call option to keep the top side open) Reward rallies with sales!!!

Keep safe this spring!
Thanks for your business!!!

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