Monday, July 28, 2014  
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2014 Ngmo Soybeans
2014 Crop NGMO Corn
2014 Crop NGMO Corn  06/10/14 11:11:09 AM

GPC in Muscatine is offering a 40c premium for 2014 crop NGMO corn.  Delivery dates are not confirmed yet, however there will be a 10 day window during the following combinations.

Months:  Oct/Nov, Jan/Feb, April/May, July/Aug.

You can forward price at anytime  ~or~  you can do a "no price established" contract.  Basically, you are committing bushels for a certain window, and can price it later.  You are locking in a 40c premium on those bushels.  Corn must be priced before delivery.
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